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real estate
Real Estate
Value Social Impact
Improve Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance, Alternative Financing Resources and Re-Structuring of the Organizations for Sustainable Growth

Real Estate companies are facing with challenges including decreasing sales and occupancy rates, increasing interest rates and inflation, hard competition, insufficient regulations, decrease in foreign direct investments and high political risks especially in emerging economies.


The industry is needed to be reshaped in the lights of the changing market conditions and demands.


Re-structuring the organizations in accordance with these conditions and future expectations, establishing sustainable corporate governance policies and creating alternative financing resources help real estate companies to carry their business to future.

Increase Efficiency
& Use Technology

Smart buildings, BIM, ERP and AI will Shape the Future of Industry

Digital transformation is shaping all industries.


Construction industry is one of the latest industry that adopt the changes that digitalization brings, yet new technologies such as building information modelling (BIM), design and construction of smart buildings, IoT, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are the main issues that the industry follows.


Those which are late to implement and adopt these technologies and systems, as well as initiating a corporate culture transformation may not be able to survive in the near future.

Protect Environment
Value Sustainability

Despite the Increased Risks, Energy Industry Keeps its Attractiveness for Global Investments

The volatility of the oil prices, trade wars, environmental concerns and increased political risks are the main issues that the energy companies tackle.


A strong corporate sustainability approach together with enhanced governance, balanced diversification, strong financial management and realistic market forecasts, energy industry may still be one of the main sectors that investments are focused.

financial services
Financial Services
Provide Sustainable
Investments & Growth

Blockchain, Trade Wars, Digital Payment Systems and Further: What the Finance Industry will Face in the Future?

The world has been challenging very difficult economic situation.


The trade wars and increased interest rates started shifting the money flow from emerging countries to developed ones.


Block chain, digital payment systems (which still questionable) and technological developments in finance are increasing rapidly.


Due to political tensions, there is a decrease in the appetite of the investors to invest in developing countries.


Asset based funding seem a solution to prevent economic crisis, yet there should be a reasonable intersection point of the investors’ interest and the returns of the projects financed.

Mind & Listen to People
Use Smart Data

Integrating the Social and Technological Aspects in Healthcare, it is a Must.

The innovation is very essential for healthcare industry when it comes to invention of new equipment and medicines.


The social integration of healthcare industry is as important as the technological developments due to its motivational effect to patients.

Creating a smart strategy that provides a common solution to companies in healthcare industry which enables them to cure patients by using motivational approach.

Invest in the Future &
Structure Strong System

Culture, Values and Strategic Innovative Solutions are the Main Pillars of Future Education

Education system and strategy is always facing difficulties due to the rapidly changing conditions and social expectations.


Although the culture and main value education need to be more stable and planned long-term, the content of the courses need to respond the changing global conditions and future outlooks.


That may be possible by adapting strategic innovative solutions.

Transform Digitally &
Value Collective Intelligence

Industry 4.0 Revolution is Important for Manufacturing Industry, but what about the Social Impact?

The industry 4.0 revolution is changing the whole manufacturing systems and methods. The connectivity, the use of AI and robots, smart logistics, increased efficiency and decreased costs are the main trends of the implementation of the industry 4.0 to manufacturing industry.


That is needed to be evaluated together with social impacts, but how?


By giving value more on employees and training them.

Set Cooperation
& Mind Customers

Customer Behaviors and Technology Use: What is Next?

Retail industry is customer oriented and the changing perception and behaviors of the customers shape the future strategy of the industry.


Technology, digitalization, the use of AI are the new trends to increase the market shares as well as entering into new markets.

Develop Smart Strategies
& Strong Brands

E-commerce, Mobility, Politics and Millennials’ Expectations are Changing the Industry

The technological developments such as online booking, the increase of e-commerce and mobility in many aspects, the consumer behaviors of the millennials and the new generation have been changing the hospitality industry.


Political relations and economic developments are also affecting the number of tourists as well as their daily expenditures. In that aspect, the companies which are able to adopt their business models to the changing conditions and create strong brands will have the chance keep taking place in the future hospitality industry

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