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New Strategies for New Business Models

Global economic, political and technological changes are challenging companies to develop new strategies to survive in the near future.


The start-ups are growing rapidly, and the traditional companies are losing their long time leading positions.


Strategists need to be aware of these new challenging changes, develop new approaches and adopt new strategic models to carry the companies to next levels.

project managemet
Project Management
Contracts & Claims Management
BIM & ERP Solutions
Cost & Time Management

The New Technology Oriented Approach to Project Management Makes Difference

Project management is a tool for more efficient outcomes which integrates many aspects of management including stakeholders, communication, time, cost, risk and quality.


An integrated project management approach which uses the latest technology enables the customers gain the benefits of a well-organized strategic and technological project management method.

change management
Change Management
Corprate Culture & Governance

Managing the Change, Managing the Future

The rule of business game is changing, and only those which are able to respond to these changes may carry their businesses to the next generations.


Family businesses in that context need to train their crown princess in accordance with the new requirements of the new rules, yet the organizational structures, the governances and in some aspects the cultures must be reshaped.

Employees included fast decision-making processes and the new definition of leadership are important pillars of Change Management which will enable companies to be more competitive and adaptive to changing conditions that will result with successful outcomes.

Angel Investments
Venture Capital Investments

Strategies to Transform your Start-ups into Fast Growing Enterprises

Entrepreneurship needs a free-soul and hard working.


That is not enough in today’s world. Understanding customer’s expectations, creating brilliant brands and marketing strategies and finding the required financing or investors are essential.


That is needed to be enhanced with a flexible organization that enable the start-up become a fast-growing company.

finance & invest
Finance & Investments
Investment Management
Funding & Financing
Financial Management

Asset Based Mixed Funding Approach is a Solution

The global economy is challenging crisis every few decades. Companies suffer from these economic crisis, while many giants collapse, some of them are only able to survive.


Creating sustainable financing models is important in that aspect yet finding alternative financing sources is also vital for the sustainability of investments. Asset based mixed funding approach that attracts sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, banks and other financial institutions can bring a long-term solution for financing problems.

digital transformation
Digital Transformation
Artificial Intelligence
IoT & Cloud Technology
Big & Smart Data

Collective Intelligence need Cultural Transformation

Each day, the world is experiencing new digital developments. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), the use of Robots and other digital developments has been transforming the world much faster than the speeds of the previous industrial revolutions.


The companies need to adopt their business models and organizations with respect to digital transformation by converting big data into smart data, by introducing new technology and systems, by changing corporate culture and improving employee engagement and alignment.

Innovative Solutions
Smart Technologies
Future Vision

Innovation Happens when New Angles Set Free

Innovation is the future itself but hard to implement for many companies due to either the resistance of the current culture to change or lack of financial resources.


Innovation can be beneficial to the companies if it is managed by establishing a sustainable system which integrates well-planned strategies. The corporate culture is needed to be structured where a free environment is set for innovative ideas.

Energy Efficiency
Environment Protection
Balanced Growth

Maintaining a Sustainable Growth is More Important than Ever

While economic, environmental and social issues are gaining more balanced value in doing business, Sustainability has been a more important issue than ever.


Alongside with digital transformation and change management, Sustainability is a critical issue that will carry the businesses to future by creating more effective and efficient resources management, as well as providing increasing growing opportunities.

global business
Global Business
International Markets
Entrance Strategies
Competition Strategies

Setting Global Strategy, Flexibility at Local Action

Despite the threats of the political developments in the world, doing global business is still an important way of growing the companies, yet they need to adopt themselves to changing conditions.


Developing new strategies to compete with locals, decreasing the manufacturing and transportation costs, creating a strong and acceptable brand that is accepted internationally are important pillars of doing global business.


Growing Together or Divestiture is an Important Strategic Decision

Although some of the transactions end up unsuccessfully, Mergers, Acquisitions and in some circumstances Divestitures (M&A&D) are still important strategies for companies to grow, increase their market shares and enhance their brands value.


Connecting the financial and technical powers of two companies or acquiring a new start-up are important steps for future growth strategies.

Global Reports

Research for Future Strategies

Providing comprehensive researched in different industries such as real estate, construction, energy, manufacturing, finance, retail, hospitality, education and health may contribute both to the companies to re-evaluate and develop their strategies and governments to provide the best renewed and updated services to their citizens.

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